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Grand Prix


Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for both men and women. The winners will be those runners who have accumulated the most time improvements against a reference time.


The reference time is the best time achieved in the previous seasons Grand Prix races. In the case of new members the reference time will be the taken as the time achieved in the first Grand Prix 10k, half marathon and marathons completed.


Time improvements for marathons will be at face value, half marathons will be x2 and 10k races will be x3.


To be eligible for a trophy runners must complete any six of the Grand Prix event


To confirm, races for the Grand Prix are below, members need to register as Sneyd Strider & also wear club vest (Unless running for a charity) without this your entry cannot be included in the GP.


Marathon   Half Marathon    10Ks


Welsh Marathon   Ironbridge   DK10K
Liverpool   Lichfield   Aldridge
    Shrewsbury   Timberhonger
    Wolverhampton   Lichfield
    Great North Run   Tamworth
    Lake Vynwy   Wolves
    Birmingham   Walsall
    Potters   Wheaton Aston
    Cannock   Bridgnorth 


    Welsh Half    
    Black Country Half     
    ABP Humber Coastal    
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